Alladar Nightshade


Alignment: LE

Sword Stats Damage 1d8, Critical 18-20 Special: Instantly self-repairs, ignoring sundering damage. Deals no extra damage on a critical, but instead breaks off in the victim’s body causing 1 point of consitution damage per day. Damage dealt from criticals, as well as consitution damage cannot be healed by mundane or magical means. Any healing attempt causes 1 point of con damage instantly.


Alladar is an accomplished swordsman who also wields necromantic power. His sword is made from a strange alchemical metal that grows to repair any part that gets broken off. The sword has a tendency to break when it pierces skin, preventing it from dealing extra damage from a critical, but causing the blade tip to embed itself in the victim’s body. The blade tip slowly pushes its way towards the victim’s heart over time.

Alladar appears to be working with Arvale, as the two were seen together in Sellos. However, it is unknown why Alladar would cooperate with him.

It is possible that Alladar and Arvale may not get along with each other. Alladar has a tendency to spare those that cooperate with him, killing only if he is threatened, cannot accomplish his goals by other means, or… as discovered in Brightheart, if insulted.

Alladar Nightshade

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