Arvale Blackwing


Alignment: CE


Arvale is an exceptionally gifted wizard who seeks the secrets of the ancient world that lies beneath the ocean. After his brief appearance in Sellos, his abilities are still unknown to the group. Although, it has become clear that he is looking for relics that once belonged to Drozan Necros, a sorcerer who was once the greatest servant of the dark god Asgoth. So far, Arvale has found an iron golem created by Drozan, a very special golem that can regenerate, however, Sovalis, Ving, and Rarwl stole the scrolls left behind by Drozan to detail how to create new golems of this nature.

Having discovered that Arvale was tricked by the heroes, he has taken his usual approach to the situation: destroy anything that his enemies care about until they give him what he wants.

Arvale Blackwing

Legacy Dyrian