The Battle of Greatcliff

Our heroes arrive on Greatcliff island in the midst of an Orc attack, and quickly meet a Grey Elf mage, who joins them in trying to save the town.

After a lengthy battle that has our group fighting their way through alleys, burning buildings, and across rooftops, the Orc leader is eventually brought down, and the remainder of the Orcs escape the battle.

The group locate’s ‘Uncle’s’ friend June, who informs them of a statue on an island far to the west that has no face. She fears that Arvale Blackwing sent the Orcs to attack Greatcliff to steal the chart to this island from her. She insists that they head back to Bright Heart so she can consult with ‘Uncle.’

June packs her things quickly, and as the group prepares to depart, they see Arvale’s deadliest servant, ‘The Raven.’ June tells them that she has two copies of the chart, and that at least one copy must reach ‘Uncle.’ She has them split up and meet at the docks, so that they might have a better chance of escaping with at least one copy.

As the group tries to sneak through town, they catch glimpses of the Raven’s incredible speed as he cuts down villagers in his search for June. As the group reaches June’s ship, they watch in horror as she is sliced in two by the Raven. The group quickly casts off and sets sail for Bright Heart alone.



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