Bright Heart Dungeon

After sailing to the island of Bright Heart, and meeting Rawrl’s uncle, our heroes venture into the dungeon only to find…

The place has been raided already. Someone has already slain most of the monsters and collected the majority of treasures of any real value. When the group reaches the end of the dungeon, they find only Inferno, a fierce fire elemental, has nothing left to guard.

After defeating Inferno, the group is confronted by Alladar Nightshade, a Dark Elf, who demands their half of the golden face.

After Rawrl insults Alladar’s mother, Alladar promptly begins to teach the group a lesson in manners by beating them into submission. Just as Ving thinks he is about to drive his great axe into the back of Alladar’s head, Alladar shows off his amazing evasive skills, and Ving cuts down his Elf scout ally. Alladar give Ving, the only party member still standing, further incentive to back off, by animating the Elf’s dead body.

Ving demonstrates his persistance, and is promptly KO’ed by Alladar. Ving and Rawrl wake up in ‘Uncle’s’ home and are sent on an urgent errand to Greatcliff.



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