Our heroes have explored the city of Sellos, which is now encased in a giant dome of air underwater.

After discovering a few leftovers from our previous campaign, the group made their way into the castle, where they found old scrolls that linked their ancestry with the ancient divine heroes.

The trio ventured into the wizard’s lab beneath the castle, where they found Arvale, Alladar, and the Raven hard at work uncovering secrets left behind by Drozan.

After a rather intense chase, which ended with Rarwl being pierced by Alladar’s sword, the group made their escape back to the surface, although with Alladar’s blade tip still in Rarwl’s chest.

As the group sails back to Brightheart, Rarwl’s condition worsens, and he now has mere days left to live.

Temple of the Ancients

Our group of adventurers has journeyed to the island of the faceless statue in pursuit of Arvale Blackwing. Upon arriving, they find that the face has been restored to the statue and the statue has moved, revealing the entrance of the Temple of Ancients.

Deep within the temple, our heroes discovered long forgotten relics of a past age that once belonged to a trio of divine heroes who have also been forgotten. Venturing further, they find a gateway to the ‘old world.’

After passing through the gateway, the heroes find themselves in an ancient city encased in an air dome deep under the ocean.

The Battle of Greatcliff

Our heroes arrive on Greatcliff island in the midst of an Orc attack, and quickly meet a Grey Elf mage, who joins them in trying to save the town.

After a lengthy battle that has our group fighting their way through alleys, burning buildings, and across rooftops, the Orc leader is eventually brought down, and the remainder of the Orcs escape the battle.

The group locate’s ‘Uncle’s’ friend June, who informs them of a statue on an island far to the west that has no face. She fears that Arvale Blackwing sent the Orcs to attack Greatcliff to steal the chart to this island from her. She insists that they head back to Bright Heart so she can consult with ‘Uncle.’

June packs her things quickly, and as the group prepares to depart, they see Arvale’s deadliest servant, ‘The Raven.’ June tells them that she has two copies of the chart, and that at least one copy must reach ‘Uncle.’ She has them split up and meet at the docks, so that they might have a better chance of escaping with at least one copy.

As the group tries to sneak through town, they catch glimpses of the Raven’s incredible speed as he cuts down villagers in his search for June. As the group reaches June’s ship, they watch in horror as she is sliced in two by the Raven. The group quickly casts off and sets sail for Bright Heart alone.

Bright Heart Dungeon

After sailing to the island of Bright Heart, and meeting Rawrl’s uncle, our heroes venture into the dungeon only to find…

The place has been raided already. Someone has already slain most of the monsters and collected the majority of treasures of any real value. When the group reaches the end of the dungeon, they find only Inferno, a fierce fire elemental, has nothing left to guard.

After defeating Inferno, the group is confronted by Alladar Nightshade, a Dark Elf, who demands their half of the golden face.

After Rawrl insults Alladar’s mother, Alladar promptly begins to teach the group a lesson in manners by beating them into submission. Just as Ving thinks he is about to drive his great axe into the back of Alladar’s head, Alladar shows off his amazing evasive skills, and Ving cuts down his Elf scout ally. Alladar give Ving, the only party member still standing, further incentive to back off, by animating the Elf’s dead body.

Ving demonstrates his persistance, and is promptly KO’ed by Alladar. Ving and Rawrl wake up in ‘Uncle’s’ home and are sent on an urgent errand to Greatcliff.

The Ferran Dungeon

Three new adventurers enter an ancient dungeon on the island of Ferran and uncover half of a strange gold face after defeating an ancient armored centipede called Dova.

The group has no idea what their find may be, but they hear about rumors of a similar dungeon on the Dwarf island of Brightheart.


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